tieweine degusren - leicht und spielend, by kurt gibel

Tasting wines - easy & playful

Book available in German and French only

The little book is a unique approach to wine tasting.

You don't bother with grey theory, but activate both halves of the brain simultaneously with the help of the visual illustrations on the fold-out WineMaps. This holistic method helps the memory to get back on track, and the art of tasting is learned with joy and without effort.

You will quickly become familiar with the 120 most important tasting terms and around 120 aromas. In the second chapter you will learn why wines sparkle, smell and taste so differently.

Other parts of the book deal with food and wine and wine temperatures. They should encourage you to leave old paths and look for your own taste experiences. A compact and stimulating reference book that leads all wine lovers directly and quickly to the heart of the matter.

For this work Kurt Gibel won the "Prix du Château de Châtagneréaz" in September 2002.

It has sold around 100,000 copies and is currently available in its 20th edition from your bookseller or from Amazon.


  • Weine Degustieren bestellen

First unimpressive, then indispensable

For me the best book for all those who want to learn more about wine.

At the beginning of every "wine career" there is the problem of not finding words to describe wine. The author manages to convey the necessary vocabulary in a playful way with the help of mindmapping and to make it really memorable.
This book should be placed next to every good glass of wine!

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The Booklet and the WineMaps

The two fold-out WineMaps are the heart of the booklet and guide you step by step through the tasting process with the vocabulary commonly used among tasters.

The page numbers mentioned next to the tasting steps guide you directly to the details in the main part of Gibels primer.

The front WineMap with the tasting procedure


Start with the green tail and choose one term per group that fits your wine. Each term is explained in detail inside the booklet, the page number next to the term group leads you directly there.

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