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Under the VinoMobile brand, you can get various wine-related apps in the Apple and Google stores - some for free, others for a fee. All without frills, with the most important information about wine.

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Wine Vintages

The most comprehensive and up-to-date app about wine vintages: 5,200 vintages by 2019 (!).

The vintages are updated annually.

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Wine Profiles

About 430 regions of the 13 most important wine countries are systematically listed and made accessible in this app. The focus is on grape variety proportions, quality ratings, shelf life and above all the characteristics of the wines.

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Wine Tasting

Explanations of the 120 most important tasting terms and over 120 aromas, as well as indications of the wines in which these characteristics or aromas can typically be found.
This app will be adapted to the existing iPad app in 2020/21.
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Wine Temperatures

This app makes it easy to calculate how long a wine has to be cooled or warmed up before it reaches the right drinking temperature.

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Wine Trainer

In training for a wine diploma such as WSET? Thirsty for knowledge wine lover? With this app you can train your wine knowledge easily. With over 2000 questions and answers.

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