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Your direct access to the tasting characteristics of 1,400 wine regions and varietals. Take the shortcut: learn to taste and understand wine more easily with this app.

In this Vino Mobile app, you will find the tasting characteristics of around 1,400 wines and grape varieties from 570 regions and 13 countries, as well as the grapes used, quality classification and shelf life. PLEASE NOTE that this application does not describe individual wines.


If you are new to wine tasting, use this app to find out which grape varieties and flavors are typical of the wine you are tasting. This will give you more confidence when tasting and talking about wine.


• This Vino Mobile app answers questions like:


. Which flavors are typical for an Amarone or a German Riesling?

. Which grape varieties are found in a St-Emilion or a Ribera del Duero?

. Where are Amigne, Mencía or Monica grown and how do they taste?

. What are the differences between the neighboring regions of Volnay and Pommard? Which is better for beginners?

. What to expect from an Edelzwicker from Alsace? What grape varieties are used to make it? Does it belong in the wine cellar?

. Am I more of a Margaux or Pauillac type? The two Bordeaux wines can taste quite different.

. How long should I keep Barolo or Sauternes in the wine cellar?

. What types of Sherry are there and how do they taste? Do they all have the same flavors?


• Search and filter

Search by region, grape variety or even a specific flavor. Discover and learn!


• Decode wine and flavors

Not all wine flavors can be attributed to a particular grape variety or region. If you want to learn more about flavors, tasting and decoding wine, we highly recommend our "Wine & FriendsTasting" app. The basic version is free.

VinoMobile app for wine profiles
Link to the app Wine Profiles in App Store
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