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Get the most out of your wine by serving it at the perfect temperature. This Vino Mobile app also shows you how long the bottle will take to cool down or warm up.

This app from the Vino Mobile series makes it easy to calculate how long a bottle of wine needs to be cooled or warmed to reach the optimum drinking temperature.


• Calculate time

Enter the current temperature of the wine, the size of the bottle, the ambient temperature and the desired serving temperature. The time required to chill or warm is instantly displayed.


• Determine serving temperature

The recommended drinking temperature is indicated for each type of wine (sparkling wine, white wine, rosé, red and sweet wine).


• Get the best out of your wine

What happens to the perception of aromas, carbon dioxide, sweetness, acidity, tannin, alcohol and bitterness when the wine is drunk warmer or cooler? Follow the rules.

VinoMobile app for wine temperatures
Link to VinoMobile App Wine Temperatures in App Store
Link to the VinoMobile app wine temperatures in Google Play
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