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Learn to taste wine from scratch or go straight to the expert knowledge base of 270 aromas, flavors, and wine terms. Or meet up with your buddies for FriendsTastings.

Vino Mobile App Wine tasting

The ultimate wine tasting app that enables you to:


• Access expert knowledge with 270 aromas, flavors and wine terms.

• Learn to taste wine like a pro

• Decode the tasted wine

• Organize or participate in FriendsTastings

• Compare your tasting notes with those of your friends, or anonymously


Sounds interesting?

Download the FREE version on your smartphone now or continue reading:


• Explore around 270 aromas, flavors and wine tasting terms

Which aromas and flavors come from the grape, the climate, and the vineyard? Which are created during vinification, and during cellaring? How do aromas and flavors develop with age? Which are positive and which indicate faults? Where do roasted aromas in wine come from? With this app, you'll also be able to draw conclusions about the grape varieties used.


• Learn to taste like a sommelier - step by step

At each stage, you'll get tips on how to taste properly and what to look out for. What can be deduced from big bubbles in sparkling wine or a grayish-yellow hue? What do “legs” really indicate? What does a very dark red color suggest? Why do wines need acidity, tannins and body? How is the length of the finish measured? Learn how to put your impressions into words and expand your knowledge!


• Describe wine like a pro

As you progress through the tasting and select the appropriate terms, a professional tasting note is automatically created in the background.


• Decode the wine

At the end of the tasting, you can access expert knowledge on the selected aromas, flavors and terms and learn how to analyze the wine.


• Experiment with samples of aromas and flavors

Have fun training your sense of smell and taste with samples that you prepare yourself. Around 50 recipes are available in the AromaTrail.


• Centrally stored tasting notes

Access your tasting notes from any mobile device


• FriendsTasting

Invite friends to group tastings and review the results. You can also participate in tastings anonymously and see how you compare to other participants.


• Test the app!

The FREE version allows you to participate in FriendsTastings and to use the other features with some limitations.

Link to the Wine Tasting app on the App Store
Link to the Wine Tasting app in Google Play
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